Jun. 5th, 2015

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Okay, this opening scene is disturbing as fuck, even now that I know it's not the End of Parrish. I think I've mentioned before that I have a visceral reaction to people being forced to beg for their lives. And Parrish is just such a sweetie! It seems crueler than usual. Like setting kittens on fire.


Also, though, seriously, Haig? You're going to use your work computer to confess to murder? You're the worst on every possible level. Harris was a more competent villain than you, and I don't say that lightly.


He was shot at work! In the line of duty! He's got a government job! This surgery has to be covered, it's insane to think that it wouldn't be, even in America. But that's not the point of this scene, I realize. It's actually a really good scene, and I think it's been a long time coming, with Stiles being all over both sides of the line in terms of appropriate and wildly inappropriate responses to his self-imposed responsibility to be his father's new life partner. It's a sweet impulse, but also super dysfunctional, stemming from his deep-seated fear of abandonment and the way that meddling in other people's lives has become Stiles' response to what must have been a terrifying and traumatic sense of powerlessness as a child watching his mother's mind slip away. I'm not sure yelling at him is the way to fix that, but I totally relate to the Sheriff's feeling that this is fucked up and that he doesn't know what to do about it now.


I suppose the burden of the alpha is that every party is an opportunity to patrol the perimeter. I also love that Scott is the rare kid who is both trusted by teachers to maintain some degree of order and liked by his peers. You know you're a true alpha if you can make that balance work of your, I guess.


They've been waiting all season to set up that “How'd you break your nose?” joke for Braeden, haven't they?


This is your daily reminder that being Lydia is the worst. Seriously, just the absolute worst.


Oh, yeah, listen to Haig's advice. He's great at this.


Also, speaking of Haig (tangentially), I think it's pretty great that Brunski chose a very bad day to try psyching Parrish out. I mean, maybe that would've worked, under ordinary circumstances! But I feel like being set on fire by a co-worker and healing within hours would go a long way toward putting you into “oh, fuck this” mode.


Satisfying twist, I feel. Four stars, would startle again.


(Also, Parrish-able? Really? This show and its punny episode titles, oy.)


s4 ep9: Perishable )


hth: recent b&w photo of Gillian Anderson (Default)

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