Jun. 15th, 2015

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I've been a reader of the books for literally almost two decades now (wait, what? how is that possible? what even is time???), but I quit watching the show after the first season, due to various misgivings and some casting disgruntlement (NO, that is not Jamie, are you fucking kidding me with this? NO.) I think my Game of Thrones tag has one previous entry. I wasn't real happy then, either.

My decision not to make myself watch out of some weird sense of creator-loyalty has been handsomely repaid. Martin is fine; he doesn't need my support. I bought his books, so I think we're even-steven. I do, however, derive a weird pleasure from watching the rest of the internet lose its mind periodically over Game of Thrones. I recognize that is, at best, an eccentric hobby, but I can't stop. I *love* listening to other people bitch about this show that I don't even watch. Live for it.

So that being said, you can trust that I come from a place of some expertise in the field of frothing-mad-commentary-on-GoT when I tell you that this is probably history's best frothing-mad GoT mic drop -- and not even because the author agrees with me that Jason was the last thing on it that was fun to watch. It's just a crystalline thing of beauty in the scope and magnitude of its frustration and contempt. It is delicious. It is sublime. I want it tattooed across my back, Mad Max-style.

God, seriously. Fuck that show.


hth: recent b&w photo of Gillian Anderson (Default)

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