Date: 2015-06-07 08:50 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] scribblemoose
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re Peter as the Benefactor - I was totally baffled the first time I saw this ep, but a few rewatches on and I have a theory. Peter seems to have advanced abilities on the psychological/psychic front - his claws-to-spine memory trick, the way he gets Scott and Lydia in Stiles' mind, and most of all the way he influences Lydia in S2. In fact, his bond with Lydia seems particularly strong, which makes me wonder if he has a thing with banshees. Maybe he can manipulate the voices of the dead? He has been mostly dead several times. So this makes me wonder, what if Peter did it consciously? We know he's a damn good liar and doesn't mind playing a long game. Rewatching S4 with this in mind, it all made a hell of a lot more sense. So my theory is that he consciously picked on Meredith in the hospital in her fragile state, and ever since he came back from the dead he's been whispering in her head to pick off as many of the people who might oppose him in stealing Scott's power as he can.

That's my theory, anyway! But the key, wine and IBM mainframe? Not a clue!!
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