Date: 2016-02-11 12:05 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] ladyjax
ladyjax: (Default)
Thank you very much for your take on this.

I'm standing at crossroads this election cycle. For the first time in my life I won't be casting a vote for president in the primary and it kind of weirds me out but some of what you have to say wrt to Saunders resonates and Clinton doesn't get my vote ever because of South Carolina in 2008.

When I try to explain to people that I'm still voting - I've got a whole ballot worth of stuff since I'm in California, there's disbelief from younger people that I won't vote for a president. The Bernie supporters like to go all in there as if my lack of support for him is the deciding factor; it's not.

But I'm also 50 years old. I've seen these "high-stakes" arguments for years and for me it all boils down to this: if you didn't vote in the midterm, don't come crying now. The midterms is when things get through because the Dems never rally the base EVER. I should know; I've worked every election since 2004 as Judge. I like doing it and I have a blast but I know what the numbers look like at the end of the night. I know who doesn't show up. And since most of the precincts I've worked in skew heavily on the Dem side, it's pretty telling.

At the last midterm election I had a lot of people turn in their vote by mail ballots on election day. Cool. But those numbers still skewed older.

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