Date: 2016-02-13 09:56 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] lizcommotion
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...there is also a part of me that thinks of Hillary Clinton as an LBJ style president versus Benrie/Obama being more JFK style presidents.

LBJ got shit done. It wasn't always pretty. There were lots of favors called in or promised. Lots of long lost dirt mentioned. He played dirty with intimidation in ways I find personally unappealing and would not ever condone.

And yet...he passed the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act and I really don't think even with his shiny Kennedy smile that JFK would have been able to get those things through (at least, not without LBJ doing all that background work.)

And I don't think I can really convince the Bernie people that we should vote for Hillary Clinton because she knows how to smile and twist arms and play dirty politics like the rest of them? And that she probably has decades of dirt on people if she really really needs a vote? And that obviously *she* can stand up to intimidation, she lived through HillaryCare and the Lewinsky trial and ran for Senate and was Secretary of State and testified in the whole Benghazi thing. Also that I think foreign leaders would respect her much more than Bernie Sanders when you get down to it.

(I mean also Clinton would probably do some coalition building, too, but I imagine a certain amount of arm twisting would be involved in some of the coalitions.)

How would Sanders get things done? He'd ultimately have to get not much done, or default to executive orders. Which at the rate we're going with executive orders I think is basically breaking down the democratic process about as much as the Congressional stonewalling and yeah.

I mean young-and-energized idealistic early voter self would not want to hear any of this either.
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