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SAN FRANCISCO –Last week, officials announced that a woman here had died after ingesting a toxic herbal tea, and a man who also drank a brew prepared from herbs sold at the same shop, was hospitalized in critical condition before recovering.

According to local news coverage, the culprit was the herb aconite, which has a variety of common names including wolf’s bane and fuzi. While this plant can be highly toxic without processing, with proper care it is a staple of Chinese herbal medicine.

Aconitum napellus [Wikimedia Commons].

The two victims in San Francisco purchased different tea blends that were mixed at Sun Wing Wo Trading Company, each of which included unprocessed aconite. Tests of both the herbal blends and the victims’ blood confirmed aconite as the toxic agent. It’s a poison for which there is no antidote.

The toxicity of aconite is not news. Ancient Greeks speculated the plant came from the mouth of Cerberus, and their Chinese contemporaries also wrote about how its sap could be simmered down into a very deadly poison. The herbs healing properties were not studied in Europe until the 18th century, but it’s been referred to as the “king of all herbs” in Chinese lore for 2,000 years.

Rev. Kirk White has been a licensed practicing acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist in Vermont since 1994, and has been an instructor at the Green Mountain Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He regularly prescribes aconite, which he refers to by the Chinese name fuzi, as part of his practice.

“It shouldn’t be something someone can pick up for themselves nor self-diagnose the need for,” he said, but “it is in one of the flagship formulas used regularly as a standalone formula, or the base of a customized formula.”

One common formula that includes aconite is the “kidney qi pill,” which is part of the “golden cabinet” of oriental formulas.

The alkaloids in aconite, particularly aconitine, can cause heart palpitations and other symptoms, according to a Heiner Fruehauf:

These alkaloids activate voltage-sensitive sodium channels in the heart and other nervous tissues which then become refractory to further stimulation. Onset of symptoms such as numbness of the mouth and tingling of the hands and feet is rapid, usually within 10 minutes of ingestion. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, hypotension, ventricular tachycardia, torsades de pointes and heart block which can lead to death. The lethal dose is estimated to be approximately 2 mg of aconitine.

Despite that danger, aconite also has valuable healing properties, such that a second-century B.C.E. Daoist text stresses that “a good physician collects it and stores it away to be used for medicinal purposes.” The names used for the plant “have become synonymous with the concept of ‘medicine’ itself,” according to Fruehauf.

[Photo Credit: PoYang_博仰 ]

[Photo Credit: PoYang_博仰 ]

Those ancient Chinese herbalists used a variety of techniques to detoxify the plant, including cultivating it in specified locations using traditional methods, removing the skin from the roots and applying heat, often in the form of steam, which breaks down the alkaloids.

Aconite is stored in brine to preserve it from harvest until it is processed, and all the salt must also be removed during processing. How the herbs are combined is also intended to reduce toxicity and increase efficacy.

Increased demand for oriental herbs has led to the abandonment of some of the traditional processing steps, including the transplanting of young plants to appropriate locations just after the winter solstice. That has contributed to widely varying quality of the processed herb, and that in turn has resulted in more stringent adherence to the labor-intensive old ways, resulting in both higher prices and higher quality.

White said that if this was a case of aconite poisoning, it was likely either a diagnostic error that resulted in these two victims receiving an incorrect formula, or a dosing error that resulted in too high a concentration of fuzi.

However, he added, “The toxin might be something entirely different and authorities are blaming the easy target because of their (wrong) assumption that no dosage of aconite is safe.”

Despite it being referred to as “leaves” by local authorities, White said that it’s the root of the plant that is used in Chinese medicine. “In unground-up form it is fairly distinctive in appearance, so the preparer either put in too much or didn’t know their herbs well enough.”

Incidents like this can push health consumers away from alternative modalities out of a concern that the treatments will do more harm than good. As many Pagans and polytheists are drawn to these healing formulas, that could have a disproportionate effect on health choices made by members of these communities.

White said that he understands those worries, and counsels education as the best preventative.

“As we see all the time in mainstream medicine, incompetence, mistakes, and malpractice happen all the time. All you can ever do is minimize your risk whether it is Western or Eastern medicine. Do that by checking training, licensure, and credentials, getting references, meeting and asking providers about their backgrounds, training, and healing philosophy, and then listen to your instincts.”

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The work of journalist Terence P. Ward was made possible by the generous underwriting donation from Hecate Demeter, writer, ecofeminist, witch and Priestess of the Great Mother Earth.

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Louisiana is next on a list of states considering eliminating their tax on tampons. State Senator JP Morrell filed Senate Bill 24, which proposes allowing local governments in the state to ban the application of sales taxes on a number of feminine hygiene products including menstrual pads, tampons, and menstrual cups. Diapers for young infants are also included in the bill.

Taxes on things deemed necessities – like utilities and prescription drugs – are currently prohibited in many states. Now activists are pushing their state governments to end the sexist interpretation of how a “necessity” is defined, and stop taxing products that so much of the population uses every month. Senator Morrell’s bill would be a step towards doing just that.

According to New Orleans’ Times-Picayune, in order for the bill to go into effect the Louisiana Constitution would need to be amended. The voting process begins on April 10 when the State Legislature will have to approve the measure by two-thirds if it is to pass. If enough votes are cast by the members, the bill will then be voted on in a state referendum this fall, going into effect on January of 2018.

Some activists criticize the Louisiana bill for not doing enough since local governments would only be given the option to end their tax on tampons, and could decide to continue taxing people who menstruate.

The Washington Post reports that four states – Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Massachusetts and Maryland – already don’t have a tampon tax and Oregon, Montana, and New Hampshire have no sales tax at all. Bills have been introduced in California and Texas to eliminate the tampon tax as well.

Last year, Assemblymember Cristina Garcia proposed the bill in California, emphasizing in her introduction that low-income women are especially affected by the tampon tax. California Governor Jerry Brown then vetoed the bill, citing the economic impact that the measure would have on state revenue. Persistent, Assemblymember Garcia has introduced a new bill this year, proposing that the tampon tax be eliminated and the revenue loss be substituted by taxing hard liquor more, Time reports.

Women’s health is directly affected by their access to necessary hygiene products. The potential elimination of the tampon tax in Louisiana could be beneficial for some of the most vulnerable women in the state and the legislators of other states would do well to consider similar initiatives. If not, women will continue to feel the financial brunt of what it means to be a woman in today’s society, in which women’s bodies are policed and taxed.

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Official Author Website 
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Read Fantasy Book Critic's Interview with Craig Schaefer

Craig Schaefer is an author who's surely zoomed on to the top of my favorite lists. His Daniel Faust series has become a favorite of mine. The Harmony Black series is a spinoff to it but with the release of three books so far, it's hard not to be enamored of it. Craig was very kind to answer a few questions and with the release of Glass Predator (book 3), this series is definitely something to watch out for. Read ahead to know why and what fans can expect from Glass Predator.

Q] Welcome back to Fantasy Book Critic. With the release of Glass Predator, you are now more than 50% through with the backstories of the Circus team. Could you tell us about the inception of Glass Predator & why you choose to highlight Jessie with it?

CS: Each of the first four books was designed to focus on one of the main four characters, as they deal with some piece of unfinished business from the past. In Harmony's case, it was the murder and abduction that shaped her life from an early age. In book two, it’s Kevin’s unresolved desire for a former teammate.

Jessie is the team’s leader and its muscle, thanks to the legacy of her father, a dead serial killer. Her father worshiped an entity called the King of Wolves, and performed occult rituals to infect her with its energy when she was a child. The process left her with enhanced speed and strength – as well as a craving for violence and the tendency to go feral when she lets her powers out to play. As Glass Predator begins, those feral bouts are coming on faster and becoming harder to control, and that’s when the team meets their new targets: a band of murderous bank robbers who have the exact same abilities as Jessie.

So, problems. The physical threat (Jessie is a wrecking ball – four people with her speed and strength are a nightmare) is made worse by Jessie’s loss of control. She’ll have to go all-out to face these killers down, at the risk of losing touch with her humanity forever. Oh, and of course they’re not just simple bank robbers. I mean, c’mon, that’d be way too easy.

Q] For your debut series, the tagline I’ve come up with is “Featuring a cast of anti-heroes and with a magician con-man as the protagonist, the Daniel Faust series is Richard Stark's Parker crossed with The Dresden Files and set in Las Vegas.” What would be your elevator pitch for the Harmony Black series?

CS: I believe the actual pitch to my publisher included the phrase “Men in Black meets Hellraiser, with a dash of James Bond.” I gotta say, several books in…yeah, that still works.

Q] For some authors the POV characters often speak to them in their head. Was this the case with any of your POV characters?

CS: I’m grasping for a way to say “I have extensive conversations with my characters while I’m outlining” in a way that doesn’t make me sound a little crazy. I’m just gonna have to roll with that. They call me on the phone, we drink, we go bowling, good times. Good times.

Q] I believe the fourth volume is tentatively titled “Cold Spectrum"? Could you please give us an inkling about it? 

CS: The mystery of Operation Cold Spectrum has run through the background of the series so far. The protagonists know that it was a black-ops program, that it was sanitized, and that elements inside the government are actively working to suppress the story (and kill anyone who gets too close to the truth). In Glass Predator, another key part of the mystery will be uncovered.

And in Cold Spectrum, the truth will come out. It’s an old comic-book cliché to say “nothing will ever be the same!” …but this time it fits. Book four will be a game-changer that shifts the entire scope of the series and changes the heroines’ lives forever.

Q] When you first made the decision to self-publish the Daniel Faust series you must have had some apprehension about the whole endeavor. But now looking back at the spectacular reception the books have received as well as the hard work you’ve put into making these books as fine a product as traditionally published work. What do you think are some of the highlights in your achievements?

CS: My most proud achievement is earning the trust of my readers. When I hear from readers who enjoy my brand, as it were – that they look forward to reading my books because they’re confident they’re going to have a good time – that’s the best feeling in the world. It makes me really want to bring the quality and deliver the best experience I can, each and every time, so that people know seeing my name on a cover means their money and time will be well-spent.

Other than that, the Faust books being optioned for TV was a pretty fantastic highlight. There’s a great team involved, and a collective determination (if we can make the show happen – it’s Hollywood, so no guarantees) to bring it to the screen with all the adult content and overall feel of the books intact.

Q] Harmony & Jessie have a strong bond which is expanded upon in this volume. After reading the three volumes, it was good to read their friendship tested in this way? Is this something which you have done on purpose?

CS: I see Harmony and Jessie’s friendship as the emotional core of the series. There aren’t nearly enough series focusing on female friendship (and I mean actual friendship, not some love-triangle BS where they mostly end up competing for a guy’s affections). They’ve got chemistry, and their banter is always a treat to write.

Q] So far, with each volume you have shone a light on the pasts of Harmony, Kevin, & Jessie. Why did you choose April for the fourth volume and as the end of the first arc?

CS: April has admitted that she’s never been a paragon of medical ethics. Her particular past business, though, poses a greater danger than anyone could expect – and ties directly into the mystery of Cold Spectrum.

Q] Following on from that question, it seems that you have purposefully shied away from revealing anything in Dr. Cassidy’s past? Why is that? What makes her such an enigma?

CS: April is a very closed-off, private person. She’s spent the bulk of her life learning to read people, to profile them and pry into their minds. She’s very sensitive about anyone doing it back to her. Of course, book four is coming…

Q] In Glass Predator, I would have loved to see Jessie in her teens but we only get a very, very small look into her psyche back then? What made you not choose to go down that route?

CS: It was a matter of pacing and flow. The outline originally had an extended video flashback to her childhood and how April raised her (after a childhood of being trained to kill by her father). While a shorter version of that scene made it into the book, the chapter-long one just killed the pacing and I couldn’t find a way to make it work. It remains in my notes and will, like most of my snippets, probably eventually make it in somewhere else.

Q] Please tell us about the Harmony Black series and the world/universe within. So far I believe you have four books set & if given the opportunity to write to your heart’s content. How many volumes do you think you will need to completely tell Harmony’s tale?

CS: All of my books (Harmony Black, the Daniel Faust series, and the Revanche Cycle) take place in a shared multiverse. It isn’t a happy one. God and Lucifer are missing. Hell exists, but no one knows if heaven does – including the demons. Criminal cartels use black magic to enforce their will, Earth has been secretly colonized by the courts of hell, and humanity is a tiny guppy in a vast, merciless ocean.

But in a universe that dark, hope becomes all the more powerful. And the bonds of love, loyalty and friendship can get us through the worst of times.

How many books? Well, book four will mark the end of the first major story arc for Harmony and her team, and radically change the status quo. After that, we begin a new adventure. I couldn’t put a number on it, but I will say the series won’t be ending anytime soon.

Q] Each volume of the Harmony Black series has been a different sort of thriller so far. HB had a definite horror aspect to it. RKF had an adventure feel to it and this book felt more akin to a chase thriller? How are you able to give each book a different feel while making the story flow seamlessly?

CS: Planning, planning, and more planning. I’m a little obsessive about plot threads and seeding things for future books, and I absolutely hate “make it up as you go along” plotting where the author obviously had no idea what was going on. (For instance, I had the big Cold Spectrum reveal hammered out before I wrote the first paragraph of Harmony Black. If I hadn’t, I never would have been able to parse out the clues along the way or – hopefully – make it all come together in a satisfying way in book four).

I also like to keep things fresh. When I first proposed the series to my publisher, I made it clear that I didn’t want to do a “team of monster hunters goes to Place A and fights Monster B then rides off into the sunset every single book” kind of thing. Rather, the idea was to take the core concept of black-ops demon hunters and use that to propel all kinds of related stories. I think mixing things up is more fun to read, and definitely more fun to write.

Q] Thank you very much for your time and for answering these myriad questions. What would like to pass on to your fans both old and new? And what should they look forward to in the future books?

CS: Here’s some survival tips, in case you find yourself in my neck of the woods. Never play cards with Daniel Faust. Never challenge Jessie Temple to an arm-wrestling match. Always bring magic to a gunfight, and guns to a magic-fight. Never break your word to a witch. And never buy appliances from Diehl Innovations -- but if you do, get the extended warranty.

As for what folks can look forward to? Hell has a new competitor. The Network is coming, fueled by the power of alien kings and mind-searing magic, and their presence will be felt in both the Harmony and Faust novels. Their reach isn’t merely global: it’s interdimensional.

And in Glass Predator, Harmony has to go shopping for a dress. So that’s a thing to look forward to.

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What it really means to defund Planned Parenthood, and the importance of telling women’s stories

Today in fuckery, Donald Trump launched an attack on climate change policy, and House Republicans casually revoked Americans’ right to online privacy.

Last chance to support the Sex Myth campaign, because we’re still not having the conversations we need to around sex, relationships, and self-identity.

Lizzo on bodysuits and body image

Actually, thanks for your condescending “hot take” but support for reproductive freedom is a clear strength of the Democratic Party.

Image via AFP.

Savage Love

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Posted by Dan Savage

Positive Thinking by Dan Savage

Gay guy here. Met a guy online. He came over. We had incredible sex and then a great conversation lasting several hours. But—and you knew there was one coming—he told me that he lied about his HIV status. (I asked him before meeting him, like I do with anyone.) He is undetectable, but he told me initially he was "HIV/STD negative." I got very upset—more from the lie than his status. (I know that undetectable is practically the same as negative.) I really like him, but that was a big lie. He told me all about his life and any other secrets after that. Should I swear off him for lying about such a big topic? Or is the fact he did tell me and our connection enough to give him a second chance? I had not been that happy up till the reveal in, well, maybe ever. But I want to be wise.

Did Ask, Didn't Tell

Why would he lie? To avoid rejection. Obviously. Guys often refuse to hook up with guys who are honest about being HIV-positive even though a positive guy with an undetectable viral load is less of a risk—at least where HIV transmission is concerned—than a guy who believes himself to be negative because he was the last time he got tested or because he doesn't think he could ever get infected and so has never been tested. Someone who was recently infected is highly infectious; someone who doesn't think he could ever get infected—because he doesn't sleep with older guys, because he only tops, because his ass is magic and he uses unicorn spit for lube—is a fucking idiot, and fucking idiots are higher risk for fucking everything.

Sometimes positive guys get sick of being punished for being honest, and so they lie—and it's particularly tempting to lie to someone you don't expect to see again, i.e., a quick hookup. HIV-positive people shouldn't lie to their sex partners. Obviously. People should be honest, informed consent is consent, and lying about your HIV status can be risky for people with HIV. Thanks to stupid laws passed by ill-informed idiots, failing to inform a sex partner you're HIV-positive is a crime in many areas. There are people in prison today—mostly men, mostly black—for failing to disclose. These disclosure laws incentivize not knowing your status—you can't be punished for not disclosing what you don't know—putting everyone at higher risk.

Why would he tell the truth? It's possible he lied to you about his status—a lie he regarded as harmless thanks to his undetectable viral load—because he assumed this would be a hookup and nothing more. He wasn't going to infect you and he wasn't going to see you again. But after you two hit it off, DADT, he decided to tell you the truth right away instead of waiting weeks or months.

The connection you describe is hard to find—this could be the start of something great—but the lie he told was big, yes, but understandable. I think he deserves credit for coming clean right away—and a second chance.

I want to fuck my 31-year-old husband more often than he wants to fuck me, his 27-year-old wife. We have been married for three years and together for four. My question is twofold: One, how do I gracefully accept his "no"? We have sex usually two times a week—I wish it was more like five—which means he turns me down two or three times a week. I want to be better at hearing "no" from him without getting upset. The more I freak out, the less likely he is to fuck me the next time I ask. It's a bad cycle. Two, he watches porn every day. I know because I was naughty and snooped. I love porn and I watch a lot of it myself. But it doesn't replace sex for me. Is there a conversation to be had about this? Should I just keep my mouth shut? I love him but I am so frustrated.

Sincerely Perplexed Over Unwanted Sexual Energy

You want to have sex five times a week, SPOUSE, you watch a lot of porn, and porn doesn't replace sex for you. Isn't it possible that it works the same way for your husband? He wants to have sex twice a week, he watches a lot of porn, porn doesn't replace sex for him. Don't assume your husband is having a wank every time he visits a porn site. Lots of people—men and women—like to take a quick peek at porn sites, get a little erotic charge, and then get on with whatever they're doing without stopping everything to have a wank.

That said, SPOUSE, I can certainly understand why you're frustrated—you're having a lot less sex than you'd like and you're constantly feeling rejected—but blowing up about porn isn't going to help anything. So what do you do with your feelings of frustration? Regarding frequency, SPOUSE, you directly address the issue with your husband and propose a low-stakes, low-pressure (and mutually pleasurable) compromise. Tell him you'd like to aim for three times a week, but put mutual masturbation on the table for that third time and/or the husband giving you a masturbatory assist. He may not be up for PIV more than twice a week, but he may be up for crawling into bed with you and either having a wank with you or holding you and talking porny while you have a wank.

As for your frustration around always initiating, well, sometimes we have to accept the shit we cannot change. As the person with the higher libido in your relationship, SPOUSE, you may be stuck being the initiator.

I'm a teenage girl and I'm really horny. I always think about sex, and I'd like to masturbate sometimes. I can't live in this way, sometimes I feel physically and psychologically bad because of this terrible need to have sex or stuff. I'm single, and I don't want to lose my virginity with a random guy. I really need some advice from you! How can I masturbate or quit this exaggerated libido?

Don't Reveal My Name

Your libido is your libido, DRMN. It isn't exaggerated, it simply is. Some people have high libidos, some people have low libidos, some people have no libidos, and an individual's libido can wax and wane and wax again over the years. You're at the stage of life when people tend to be at their horniest and consequently think about sex a lot. Women and girls, too. (Don't let anyone tell you that women aren't as horny as men—reread the last letter.) If you find yourself distracted by sexual thoughts, DRMN, masturbating can help—most people find they can concentrate on other things for at least an hour once they've rubbed one or two or three out. As for how you masturbate...

Masturbate on your own or with a partner, in private, and whenever you feel the desire or need to. Enjoy!

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Filmmakers, lovers, wannabe porn stars, sex-positive types, kinksters, and other creative types are invited to create short porn films—five minutes max—for HUMP! 2017, my dirty little film festival! HUMP! films can be hardcore, softcore, live-action, stop-motion, animated, musical, kinky, vanilla, straight, gay, lesbian, bi, trans, genderqueer—your film can be anything because everyone and everything is welcome at HUMP! For more information on submitting a film—including info about the big cash prizes!—go to!

On the Lovecast, Dan spars with rival advice columnist Minda Honey:


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Donald Trump recently paid a congratulations call to his buddy Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and the reason is just as depressing as you might guess.Modi’s right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), whose pro-capitalist and anti-Muslim platform is just as charming as Trump’s own, recently swept midterm elections in key states, particularly the major state of Uttar Pradesh (UP).

The election results are predictably galling to opponents of the Modi government, and have brought with them several rapid changes. In UP, this has included the implementation of “Anti-Romeo squads,” groups of police officers ostensibly dedicated to cracking down on male street harassers. While higher-level government officials claim that these squads exist only to protect women from harassment and not to morally police, lower-level police officials have been quoted as saying that the squads’ express purpose is to target and separate young couples. As Indian media sources have been reporting, “Anti-Romeo squads” have spent much of the past week harassing consensual couples in the name of public morality.

The squads have combed public parks and waited outside of colleges, demanding that lone men justify their presence in public space and even demanding that young couples call their parents to inform them of their activities. While some women have said they appreciate the police targeting men who loiter to sexually harass women, others find the targeting of couples a serious infringement of their freedoms. 

Anti-Romeo squads and feminist response to them shouldn’t be dismissed as an example of the “conservative” sexual morality of a country far away from the United Sates. Rather, they give us insight into the way in which ethnocentric governments — like the current American regime — fundamentally rely on the policing of women’s bodies, and use women’s issues as an excuse to impose repressive agendas.

Freedom Without Fear

On one hand, cutting down on street harassment is a worthy goal, and some women are happy that Anti-Romeo squads have taken up the task.

The Quint quotes one college student who says that the reduction in street harassment thanks to Anti-Romeo squads have enabled her to pursue her education:

There were lots of boys who stood outside our college gate at all times. The moment we left the campus, we would be subjected to harassment, jeering and lewd comments. It was so bad that I once had to reconsider whether I should even come to college anymore. Both parents and students are happy that this is being put to an end by the anti-Romeo squads.

This student also supports the squads’ policing of couples, since she believes that young women should not be in relationships and should rather focus on their studies.

On the other hand, several women students objected to the squads’ harassment of couples and felt it was an infringement on their rights.

This echoes a longstanding argument of Indian feminists, which we’ve particularly seen articulated since the December 16, 2012 rape of Jyoti Singh. The resulting movement demanded that the government take concrete measures to keep women safe and to provide justice in cases of sexual violence. Yet the attack also led to a redoubling of the rhetoric of “women’s protection” — the idea that women, particularly young women, must be restricted for their own good. These restrictions range from familial diktats against going out of the house to university dormitory curfews for college students.

These restrictions have also been the target for Indian feminists demanding, not protection, but freedom without fear— cultural and structural change of rape culture and misogyny, not regulation of women’s bodies, mobility, and choices.

As communist feminist activist Kavita Krishnan demanded during the 16th December movement, “We will be adventurous. We will be reckless. We will be rash. We will do nothing for our safety. Don’t you dare tell us how to dress, when to go out at night, in the day, or how to walk or how many escorts we need!”

This is the spirit against moral policing and for women’s autonomy which has animated campaigns like Pinjra Tod (“Break the cages”) a national feminist movement against accommodation curfews for women in universities. The campaign seeks to abolish curfews as part of a movement for comprehensive justice against a patriarchal system which oppresses women along the lines of class, caste, sexuality, and religion, and which restrains them rather than giving them justice.

For feminist critics, then, Anti-Romeo Squads are merely an old logic in a new package, policing and regulating women’s freedom and mobility under the guise of their protection.

“Love Jihad”

The new Chief Minister of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, is an unsavory character, to say the least. 

The founder of the ultra-right Hindu Yuva Vahini, a militant Hindu nationalist organization, he and his associates have a long record of incendiary anti-Muslim, anti-woman, and anti-LGBT hate speech. His ascension to power in UP is like if Richard Spencer became governor of Texas.

Aditynanath himself has threatened to kill Muslims (“If they kill one Hindu, we will kill 100 Muslims”) and to convert Muslim women (“If they convert one Hindu girl, we will convert 100 Muslim girls!”). In a profoundly sickening comment from several years ago, one of his associates threatened to disinter and rape dead Muslim women. 

So how do anti-Romeo squads play into this history of Islamophobia? According to some members of Adityanath’s organization, anti-Romeo squads don’t just exist to target sexual harassers, or even couples — they specifically exist to eliminate the fictitious problem of “love jihad.” Says Sachin Mittal, a member of Adityanath’s Hindu Yuva Vahini,

The Yogi Adityanath government has formed these anti-Romeo squads with the intention of fighting love jihad. It is a huge problem in these parts. Whenever the police spot a couple, they must call the parents of both the boy and the girl. What if the girl is being trapped by a deshdrohi [nation-hater], an anti-national, a terrorist? The girl’s life can then be saved. This moral policing is much needed.

“Love jihad” is a paranoid figment of the Indian right-wing’s imagination, an alleged attempt by Muslim boys to romance, seduce, and finally convert Hindu girls, in order to threaten the Hindu majority.

While there is no proof that “love jihad” exists, there is a lot of proof of gender being used as an excuse for anti-Muslim and caste violence. Much of what we hear of as honor killings, for example, are instances of families murdering couples for forming relationships outside of their religion or caste. We can thus view the allegation of “love jihad” as an attempt by the right to spread anxiety about the possibility of love and marriage across religious boundaries.

In a country with a bloody history of religious nationalist violence, gender and the notion of women’s safety and honor has long been used as an excuse for horrific attacks—including violence against women. Adityanath’s hate speech against Muslims evokes the horror of the 2002 Gujarat riots, in which Muslim women were subjected to extreme sexual and physical violence.

While some might welcome Romeo Squads for reducing harassment of women, it’s also important to listen to the other, darker purpose intimated by people like Mittal, above. When “women’s safety” is used as an excuse for sexist and Islamophobic violence, what does safety actually mean?

What about the U.S.?

American feminists often hear about issues like anti-Romeo squads, moral policing, and honor killings, and dismiss them as uniquely Indian, South Asian, or Third World problems — problems endemic to “conservative” countries, in stark contrast to the United States.

While it’s doubtful that the Trump government is about to establish squads to morally police women in public places, the policing and coercion of women’s bodies has already proven a major plank of the Trump platform. It has also long been a major goal of the American right. Now, not only do we have a Commander in Chief who has been accused of sexual assault by at least a dozen women—we also find ourselves facing an active attempt to dismantle the legal protections sexual assault survivors currently receive.

Meanwhile, Trump presides over a party hellbent on policing women’s bodies through the denial of basic reproductive healthcare and the imposition of invasive, morally-policing abortion restrictions. These are all justified by a supposed concern for women. Yet aren’t medically unnecessary vaginal probes and permitting doctors to lie to patients about their medical care all strategies to coerce women to bow to the morality of the state?

And like its Indian counterpart, the American right-wing’s rhetoric about women reveals a racist reality. While liberal feminists may discuss honor killings like a distant “third world” problem, the history of American racial violence tells us otherwise. Violence in the name of “women’s protection” was a fixture of the Jim Crow South and of the regime of racial apartheid across the United States, in which black men were often targeted, imprisoned and lynched for perceived sleights against white women. Black women, meanwhile, were and are often subjected to sexual violence at the hands of white men. This legacy continues in the mass violence against and incarceration of black communities today.

With a rise in Islamophobic rhetoric and hate crimes following Trump’s campaign (and indeed, since 9/11), American hatemongers often employ rhetoric involving the perceived threat Muslim men pose to white femininity. We can see, then, that these histories are not things of the past —nor are they merely the current realities of far-off places.

Now more than ever, we must remain vigilant of the ways in which supposed concern for women is used to oppress us. And privileged women especially need to fight the way in which we are used to justify — and ourselves enable — violence against oppressed communities.

As feminists, it’s our responsibility to fight fascism by resisting violence committed in our names.

Image Credit: Indian Express

Posted by Cara Schulz

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – While the official theme of Paganicon 2017 was A Journey into the Underworld, a sub-theme of healing ran throughout the entire Midwest 3 day conference. There was, of course, the expected workshops covering such things as Reiki, but there was also a class on healing through movement, a round table on Pagans with cancer, and a room set aside specifically for healing work. The unofficial sub-theme theme wove its way through the art selections in the gallery and the songs sung by musicians.paganiconPaganicon Director of Programming and Entertainment, Becky Munson said the healing sub-theme wasn’t created by design, “Everything happened pretty organically; everything that was presented was submitted in the public call for submissions.”

Ms. Munson says each year there are submissions for presentations that seem to cluster around a topic that is simmering in the community consciousness.

“I think it’s a by-product of what’s going in in our society right now,” said Munson. “There’s so much pain and discord. Our community is looking for ways to heal each other in an empowering way.”

How do Pagans heal?
Some Paganicon attendees were able to find personal healing through taking a workshop called, Voice and Movement: Healing and Transformation. Rae Eden, one of the presenters for the class, said the purpose is to blend song and dance to transform, “This transformation can then manifest in healing the body or mind.”

Eden’s presentation partner, Song, said the class is accessible to everyone, even those in wheelchairs, “If you put your hand over your chest and sing the word ‘voo’, your chest vibrates. That is both song and movement.”

The duo said that they learned this type healing from Donal Engsrom-Reese and that it is called the Seven Sacred Voices.

Class participants would change the volume and tone of the word they sang, along with corresponding body movements, and see how the differences elicited different responses in their body and how they felt.

Analee, one of the partisans of the class, said, “I felt really self-conscious at first because I don’t like to sing in front of people. Then I felt it lift, along with heavy feelings of sadness and worry. I feel amazing.”

Deneece Lacy Paganicon 2017

Deneece Lacy in the Healing Room, Paganicon 2017 [Photo Credit: C. Schulz]

Other Pagans sought relief from healing specialist Deneece Lacy. She was set up for the weekend in a room devoted to specifically to healing services and practices. Lacy said that she used to vend at Paganicon until she learned crystal therapy.  She started the healing room at last year’s event. In addition to crystal therapy, Lacy offered Reiki and tuning forks, which she said are better for localized pain.

“People are coming to me for help with physical pain, some emotional pain, but mainly stress relief and relaxation,” said Ms. Lacy.

Her sign up sheet filled up quickly. She said that she’s been very busy this year, especially with presenters as her clients. She plans to offer her services again next year, and says healing is what she’s drawn to do.

The tough stuff
In a recent blog post titled “Spiritual Treatment is no Substitute for Mental Health Care,” Druid John Beckett says, “If you’re physically ill, work your healing spells, but also see a doctor. If you’re mentally ill, draw on the power of your spiritual and magical traditions, but also see a mental health professional.”

This advice was echoed in Paganicon’s Pagans with Cancer round table event. Three Pagans who are going through chemotherapy or have just finished treatment spoke of their experiences, as Pagans, in seeking healing from a life threatening illness.

“We don’t see illness through the same lens as society,” said Jane Hawkner. She noted some of their methods of healing are different, even while undergoing traditional western health practices.

Hawkner added that Pagans need different support, “We don’t fit into monotheistic support groups. There’s so much ‘Praise Jesus’ in these groups.”

[Public Domain / Pixabay]

[Public Domain / Pixabay]

Yet, Pagans who aren’t familiar with these types of illnesses can sometimes offer support that is hurtful or damaging. Hawkner said, “There’s this feeling of Pagans trying to shame you when you’re ill. They’ll say ‘Let’s talk about why you have cancer’ and that can quickly devolve into blaming you for your illness.”

She said a number of people offer lifestyle or nutrition advice without asking her if she’s already doing it, leaving her with the underlying feeling of that they assume she isn’t doing the right things already.

Ms. Hawkner said that she has had to set up boundaries for people, to let them know she had already done the research.

In addition to traditional medicine, Hawkner has set up a healing altar, had Reiki sessions, journey work, sacred drumming, met with a Zen priest for meditation, and has even worked with Yew runes since one of her chemotherapy drugs was based on a yew tree compound.

In addition to all that, Hawkner created a Facebook support group specifically for Pagans who have cancer. It’s a small group, but she hopes it provides the kind of support Pagans are looking for as they take a more integrated approach to healing their bodies.

As Munson noted, the pronounced interest in personal healing was not at all planned as a Paganicon theme; it became one organically. The submitted presentations along with the art and the healing room centered on the topic – one that, as Munson suggested, may be “simmering” in the larger community consciousness.

Posted by Cindy

Fantasy Book Critic is excited to offer you a chance to win a copy of Shadow Run by AdriAnne Strickland and Michael Miller. It is the first novel in the Kaitan Chronicles which is like a combination of Firefly meets Dune.

Summary of Shadow Run:
Firefly meets Dune in this action-packed sci-fi adventure about a close-knit, found family of a crew navigating a galaxy of political intrigue and resource-driven power games.

Nev has just joined the crew of the starship Kaitan Heritage as the cargo loader. His captain, Qole, is the youngest-ever person to command her own ship, but she brooks no argument from her crew of orphans, fugitives, and con men. Nev can't resist her, even if her ship is an antique.

As for Nev, he's a prince, in hiding on the ship. He believes Qole holds the key to changing galactic civilization, and when her cooperation proves difficult to obtain, Nev resolves to get her to his home planet by any means necessary.

But before they know it, a rival royal family is after Qole too, and they're more interested in stealing her abilities than in keeping her alive.

Nev's mission to manipulate Qole becomes one to save her, and to survive, she'll have to trust her would-be kidnapper. He may be royalty, but Qole is discovering a deep reservoir of power--and stars have mercy on whoever tries to hurt her ship or her crew.

A huge thank you to Random House Children's Books for sponsoring this giveaway. To enter follow the directions below. Good luck! 


Giveaway Rules
1. This contest is open to the US.
2. Contest starts March 28, 2017 at 12:00 a.m. EST and ends April 6, 2017 at 12:01 a.m. EST. Entries after this time period will not be considered. 
3. Only one entry per person. 
4. To enter please send an email with the subject "SHADOW RUN" to Please include your name, email, and physical address you want the book sent to. 
5. One entry will be picked at random to win a copy. 
6. All entries will be deleted once a winner is picked and contacted.

Two ficlets

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Posted by squidgiepdx

TITLE: Sketching the Scenery
FANDOM: Stargate Atlantis
CHARACTERS: Evan Lorne/David Parrish
NOTES: Written for the prompt: Evan Lorne/David Parrish, David's field camera breaks, so Evan offers to draw his field notes for him
WARNINGS: Not Betaed
SUMMARY: David's camera breaks, so Evan offers to sketch for him - with results David didn't expect.

TITLE: Thoroughly Embraced
FANDOM: Stargate Atlantis
CHARACTERS: Evan Lorne/David Parrish
NOTES: Written for the prompt: Any, Any m/m, meeting the parents
WARNINGS: Not Betaed
SUMMARY: David figures he's just going to meet Evan's family - but it ends up being so much more.

Posted by The Wild Hunt

17504291_10210669341747163_5965230327048180277_oHARTFORD, Conn. — Dianne Daniels was honored Friday as one of the top 100 women of color who have impacted communities in the Northeast. Daniels is a practicing Witch and Unitarian Universalist, who recently took over as president of her local NAACP branch. In a December interview with The Wild Hunt, Daniels said, “I feel very strongly that I must give back to my community. The principle of EOROTO – Each One Reach One and Teach One – is a great way to ensure that the wisdom that I’ve gained, that we all gain throughout our lives – does not disappear when we make our own transition out of this world.”

The honor was awarded by June Archer and Eleven28 Entertainment. Daniels and the 99 other honorees gathered with friends, family, and community at a black-tie gala held at the Bushnell Center in Hartford. The event was focused specifically on celebrating “the power of family, friends, and the community” and “recognizing the contributions that women in business, education, entrepreneurship, entertainment, government, and service have made to impact the lives of those throughout their communities from Stamford, CT to Springfield, MA.”

After the event, Daniels told TWH, “We honor each other, celebrate our efforts, and seek to increase our influence by participating in all levels of business, education, entrepreneurship, entertainment, athletics, government and public service. I was particularly honored to be chosen because two years ago, two of my most beloved community elders (and mentors of mine) were honored.” Those two mentors include the Jacqueline Owens, the former 30-year president of the Norwich NAACP,  and Lottie Scott, a lifelong civil-rights advocate and activist in the community. Congratulations to Daniels.

*   *   *

cahartTWH – Michael Crahart, founder of Ecclesia Sol Invictus and Hellenismos Aionios, died Mar. 22 of cancer. In an interview with Hercules Invictus, Crahart recounted his spiritual journey with its roots in Celtic tradition. He was, for some time, a member of OBOD. However, that path did not satisfy his spiritual needs. After some time, he discovered Hellenismos. In the interview, he said that the Olympianism Yahoo group was his first online presence, and his work building his own tradition began from that point.

Over time, Crahart would become a leading voice for orthodox Mithraism, a religion reconstructed from what is known of the mysteries of the Mithraic cult, which was most active in the Roman Empire during the first through fourth centuries. In talking about the growth of Hellenic traditions in general, Crahart once said, “I hope it will raise people’s awareness of the gods, people who thought that they were no longer honoured. As well as raise people’s appreciation of the gods as cosmic deities, who are concerned with the spiritual development of all humanity.”

An online memorial was conducted by members of Hellenismos Aionios on Friday. What is remembered, lives.

*   *   *

cropped-LargeINSEPBannerAfter several years of planning, the Irish Network for the Study of Esotericism and Paganism (INSEP) will be launching its first event Mar. 31. INSEP was founded in 2015 by Dr. Jenny Butler, a specialist on Irish contemporary Paganism, and Colin Duggan, a doctoral researcher at UCC’s department of the study of religions. Butler teaches “modules on Western Esotericism and New Religious Movements at the Department of Study of Religions at University College Cork.” Dugan’s work is focused on the “study of Theosophy and Chaos Magick.”

INSEP will function as forum for academics studying esotericism and contemporary Paganism that “relates to the Irish context.” Founders hope that the forum will encourage interdisciplinary studies and collaboration. The Mar. 31 program will be held at University College Cork in the O’Rahilly Building. Presenting will be Dr. Butler, as well as Vivianne Crowley, Dmitry Galtsin, Nadine Eckmann, John Boyle, Áine Warren, Anne Crossey, Christian Giudice, and Patrick Everitt.

In other news:

  • In January a new petition was launched requesting “that the [UK] government recognize how important it is for people to be able to be joined in matrimony in accordance with their religious beliefs and give Pagan handfasting legal recognition in England and Wales.” As we’ve previously reported, that recognition is already established in Scotland. Other UK Pagans would like to see the same available in their parts of the country. The petition is online through July.
  • The new book Pagan and Earth-centered Voices in Unitarian Universalism is now available for pre-order. It includes 22 “essays by prominent leaders in Unitarian Universalist Paganism” edited by Jerrie Kishpaugh Hildebrand and Shirley Ann Ranck. According to the publisher’s site, the book features “the writings of both clergy and laypeople” and “is a vibrant collection demonstrating the many expressions of nature-based spirituality and the ways they feed the souls of so many.”  The book will be released May 22, and is available for order at the UU bookstore InSpirit.
  • Publisher and author Taylor Ellwood has launched a funding campaign to support his podcast, Magical Experiments. In the blog post, Ellwood wrote, “If you’ve been listening to the show, you know we’ve covered a variety of topics including pop culture magic, social justice magic, working with spirits, space/time magic, and […] more.” He said that the money raised, in part, will pay for the site account levels needed to continue running the show during peak hours and run longer.
  • Tamara L. Suida will be following up her Ancient Egyptian Daybook with a corresponding blank daily planner. When Suida ran a 2012 funding campaign to publish the academic book, she successfully raised over $17,000. Since that point, she says, fans have been requesting a planner. In response, Suida launched a second campaign to complete that very project. Currently, the fund drive has already met and exceeded its goal. The planner will include the same art work courtesy of Megan Zane, and “will be printed in coilbound form.” Siuda noted that the planner is “already in production” and that she “started it as a side project during Daybook printing, and it’s already mostly put together.” The funds will be used to finish it off, except for 5%, which she is donating to other campaigns. Siuda plans to have the planner available by August.
  • The deadline is fast approaching for submitting to sixth edition of the journal Walking the Worlds, to be released at the summer solstice. The upcoming publication is themed “Divination and Oracles.” Walking the Worlds, first published in 2014, is “a print journal devoted to an exploration of spiritwork and polytheism from a variety of traditions, ancient and modern.” The submission deadline is May 1. More information about the journal, past issues, as well as details for the current call for submission can be found on the website.

Posted by caroline.catlin

Last week, a former inmate of Milwaukee County filed a lawsuit alleging that multiple pregnant people were forced to give birth in shackles while being held there. This comes on the heels of another lawsuit against the jail in December of 2016, when a newborn baby died shortly after birth. Feministing has covered this issue for years, yet little has changed – our justice system is still actively abusing inmates and claiming it’s for our protection.

The most recent lawsuit is being filed on behalf of former inmate Melissa Hall who was forced to give birth with her wrists shackled to her waist and her legs chained together. The shackling left her with marks and bruises on her body, and made it difficult for hospital workers to support Hall or give her an epidural for pain.

Unfortunately, the shackling of pregnant people in prison is very common. There are 12,000 pregnant people incarcerated every year and only 22 states have laws against the inmates being shackled during birth — and even these laws have loopholes that allow the prisons to get away with the practice. In a report from a non-profit criminal reform group called The Correctional Association of New York, 46% of women reported being shackled on their way to the hospital despite a state law saying that is illegal.

By being forbidden to move during birth, laboring inmates are left in severe pain, with bruises, their health and the health of their babies at risk.  This practice is completely inhumane, unnecessary – imagine trying to escape prison while in labor and surrounded by medical staff – and unacceptable.

Incarceration impacts marginalized individuals at a dramatically higher rate, with black women being 2.8 times more likely to be incarcerated than white women and nearly 75% of incarcerated women having a history of mental health issues. Shackling people in labor requires a complete disregard for human rights, one which disproportionately affects these already marginalized women.

Luckily, there are organizations that are working to support them, such as the Prison Birth Project, which helps train previously incarcerated parents to work within a reproductive justice framework at women’s prisons. Or the Achieving Baby Care Success program, which allows for women to be with their newborn babies through an in-house nursery system. In addition, The Correctional Association of New York is using the previously mentioned report to start the Campaign to End Reproductive Injustice, aimed at increasing care for reproductive health in prison as well as working to end the practice of shackling entirely. These programs deserve our support, attention, and time if we are going to change the way birth and care for pregnant people is addressed within our prison systems.

Birth is already incredibly politicized and medicalized within our culture, even for the most privileged of people, much less those in prison. The lack of care for pregnant inmates is unacceptable, inhumane, and horrifying. It is on all of us to support the programs and organizations that are working to end a practice that never should have been allowed in the first place.

Header image credit

Posted by Cindy

 Visit Patrick Samphire's Website Here

OVERVIEW: Mars in 1816 is a world of high society, deadly danger, and strange clockwork machines.

Twelve-year-old Edward Sullivan wants to become a spy like the ones he reads about in his favorite magazine, Thrilling Martian Tales, but he’s far too busy keeping his eccentric family from disaster. All of that is about to change. In the north, great dragon tombs hide marvels of Ancient Martian technology, and the villainous archaeologist Sir Titus Dane is determined to loot one.

When Sir Titus kidnaps Edward’s parents, Edward, his sisters, and their mysterious cousin set off in pursuit across the Martian wilderness. Together they must battle Sir Titus’s minions, dodge hungry pterodactyls, and escape fearsome Martian hunting machines in order to rescue Edward’s parents and uncover the secrets of the dragon tomb.

Secrets of the Dragon Tomb by Patrick Samphire is a classic adventure story, full of fun, humor and heart with stunning illustrations by Jeremy Holmes throughout.

FORMAT: Secrets of the Dragon Tomb is a children's sci-fi/fantasy novel. It has historical elements, mystery, adventure, space travel, aliens, dragons, dinosaurs, and lots of creepy-crawly bugs/creatures. The novel stands at 322 pages. It was published on January 12, 2016 by Henry Holt and Company.  

ANALYSIS: When it comes to writing – and publishing – there is a desire to stick with what works. Authors and publishers alike are often afraid to step too far out of the literary world's comfort zone in a fear that something won't work. This leads to a slew of novels that are good, but relatively lacking in originality. So, imagine my surprise when I encountered the children's novel, Secrets of the Dragon Tomb, which definitely doesn't conform to the norm.

Secrets of the Dragon Tomb is a children's novel that mixes so much into a small novel. It has sci-fi elements, steampunk, English history, a little romance, adventure, and a touch of humor. This might seem like a hodgepodge of elements that when combined wouldn't work out, but Secrets of the Dragon Tomb makes it work.

Readers are taken back in time to 1816, but it isn't like anything you would expect. In this alternative world, Britain has successfully colonized Mars. Travel to and from, and even around, Mars is made possible by dragon pathways. Everything from the way people talk and act to the style of the homes and even the society hierarchy is similar to what would happen in 1816 Britain; the only difference is that people live on Mars. Living on Mars has its challenges, there are unique creatures that may or may not be friendly, native Martians, dinosaurs, and lots of undiscovered areas that could hold untold riches.

In this first novel of the series, we are introduced to Edward, a young 12-year old boy, who lives on British Mars. Edward longs to have exciting adventures that are similar to what he reads about in the books he loves, but he hasn't had the opportunity to experience these types of adventures. Edward's adventure begins when his father's steampunk-style invention known as the water abacus attracts the attention of some bad guys, the family goes missing, and somehow this all seems linked to the rumor that there is an undiscovered dragon tomb somewhere on Mars.

I absolutely loved Secrets of the Dragon Tomb, more than I thought I would like it. I was unsure how all the elements of sci-fi, space, steampunk, adventure, and history would mix together, but it was extremely well-done.

The first thing that jumps out at you Secrets of the Dragon Tombis the world building. It is done in a way that makes it easily to understand what is going on. It isn't 'dumbed down' for children, but it is done in a way that makes it easy for younger readers to get an understanding of the historical and unique aspects. Even though it is geared towards the younger reader, older readers will be able to enjoy the world building as it doesn't feel as if it is solely geared to the youngest reader. In fact, I think older readers will be able to appreciate how much work went into creating such a detailed world.

The characters in Secrets of the Dragon Tomb didn't really grab my attention at first. Most of my focus was on the world building and action, but slowly the characters started to grow on me. By the end of the book, I had grown super attached to them and was ready for the next adventure.

I will say at times the humor isn't laugh out loud funny. It is more light hearted and will certainly put a smile on your face. Many times the definition of humor in children's books is farting, burping, and other juvenile elements. That isn't the case with Secrets of the Dragon Tomb. The humor is age appropriate for children, but it will still appeal to adults, too.

Overall, I loved Secrets of the Dragon Tomb. I wasn't 100% certain what I would get when I started reading it, but it was amazingly well done. I was surprised to see how well the historical, sci-fi, steampunk, adventure, dinosaur elements blended together. It was also refreshing to see an author willing to take a risk with his novel and have it work out.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for something different, but who doesn't want to spend a lot of time reading a doorstopper novel. It is also great for children who are tired of seeing the same old, same old or for those who aren't committed to reading traditional fantasy novels. The adventure, mystery, and fast pace of this novel is enough to capture the attention of readers young and old.


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Posted by kidmarathon

{American Horror Story}
-Running Away With the Circus?Baby_Fangirl Misty Day/Cordelia Foxx **Off LJ Links**

-Eighteen Months is a Long Timejustkindawriting Alex Danvers/Maggie Sawyer **Off LJ Links**
-"The things I haven't told you" "Won't ever stop us"nicky0074 Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 6 of Even Heroes Have the Right to Bleed by geekgrrllurking -Kara Danvers/Alex Danvers .

{Devil Wears Prada}
- Some Kind of Miracle by pure_ecstasy6 - Miranda/Andy .
-Chapter 12-13 of Infidelityemeraldorchids Miranda/Andy **Off LJ Links**
-Chapter 6 of Double Trouble IIITheRealJLRules Miranda/Andy, Emily/Serena **Off LJ Links**

- darker than the bottom of the ocean by doctorkaitlyn -Bedelia Du Maurier/Freddie Lounds .
-Chapter 12 of NaturalMolly G Alana/Margot. **Off LJ Links**

{Holby City}
-Chapter 83 of Life After UkraineGolddevil Serena Campbell/Bernie Wolfe **Off LJ Links**

{Hunger Games}
-Dance With Me, BrainlessOwnedByHarleyQuinn Katniss/Johanna **Off LJ Links**

{Joss Verse}
-A Walk On The Wild Sidesteeleye Faith/Willow **Off LJ Links**
- Differential by brutti_ma_buoni - Jheira/Anne (Chanterelle).
-finding my reprievekwritten Cordelia Chase/Jheira **Off LJ Links**
-Chapter 11 of ON OCCASIONMad_Hamlet Willow/Buffy **Off LJ Links**
-Chapter 12 of She Who Was My LoveForgotten Conscience Faith/Buffy, Willow/Glory
-Chapter 2 of Prom Queen No Morelesbian_killers Buffy/Faith **Off LJ Links**

{Marvel Comics}
- In The Present by katleept - Kitty/Rachel.
- A New Level of Intimacy by katleept -Kitty/Rachel .

{Matthew Reilly}
- Douglas Adams Was Right by reinadefuego -Elizabeth Gant/Gena Newman .

{Once Upon A Time}
- Thong Trouble by reinadefuego -Emma/Regina .

- Fruition by doctorkaitlyn - Betty/Veronica, Josie/Cheryl .

{RPF Sports}
-Perfectthundercatsarego Tobin Heath/Christen Press **Off LJ Links**
-I Have What You NeedKHL92391 Ashlyn Harris/Ally Kreiger *Off LJ Links**

- Grooming by punk4life1315 -Isabelle/Lydia .


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