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season 5? season 5!

So I'm catching up on my I09 Morning Spoilers, and on Monday they had these not-very-spoilery spoilers.  Reproduced here with minimal but highly authoritative comment.

  • Long-suffering Lydia fans, especially those lamenting the scene-stealer’s lack of meaty material in seasons past, will love what the premiere has in store for everyone’s favorite banshee.
Sounds good!
  • At least one new ‘ship will likely be born when fans watch the premiere — while another existing ‘ship will get some much needed wind in its sails.
  • Derek may be gone, but he’ll never be forgotten. He of the Legendary Eyebrows is mentioned several times throughout the premiere, along with another fallen favorite.
  • Cody Christian fits effortlessly into the world of Teen Wolf, though it’s unlikely your final opinion of his new character will be formed by the end of the hour.
  • Lastly, as always, pray for Stiles.
CHALL-- Wait, what?  That's...ominous.  Was I supposed to be praying for him all this time?  I've fallen down on that responsibility, I'm afraid.  I'm a polytheist, so I'm not even entirely sure who I'm supposed to be petitioning, here.  Athena,maybe? She liked Odysseus quite well, and Stiles is rather Odyssean.  Acca Larentia?  Chernobog?  How about Tyr?  There's a man who isn't afraid to hang with wolves.

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