Dec. 23rd, 2018

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I feel like my subject line is misleading: these aren't stories I'm DUMPING, I'm just dumping them on You, the Reader.  These are things I'm actually working on, I just felt like, for my own sanity, I wanted to put proof that they exist out into the world.  It's the end of the year, and this is what I've done with the back half of it (or at least samples of what I've done with the back half of it.)  Hopefully at least one of the five appeals!

This one is called "For the Widows in Paradise," and I think it has the distinction of having the longest, most detailed outline to work off of, so that means it's going to go really fast, right?  RIGHT?!?  Hrm.

Do you want a really long OT3 Lisa/Dean/Castiel alternate season 6-9, from Lisa's POV?  Of course you don't, literally no one was asking for this!  But I'm writing it anyway, goddammit.  It's basically a fixit, I guess, because the way they wrote Lisa out was just so goddamn dumb that I felt like it called for some kind of response, and everything kinda snowballed from there.  I envision it being more on the Grandly Romantic side of my dramatic range, so it might suit the tastes of people who think everything I write is low-key grimdark?  Or people who think I should write more het?


For the Widows in Paradise )
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Hey, it's Teen Wolf!  I have two Teen Wolf stories in the hopper, and one is really adorable while one is MISERABLY depressing -- this one's the adorable one!  This is just my ridiculously indulgent "what if everything after season 3 is like, eh, and actually Scott goes to college and gets to be a Puppy Doctor and the whole pack is married and maybe also there's some kidfic and some dominance mounting, but like, ADORABLE dominance mounting?"

It's just gonna be ridiculous, y'all.  I regret nothing.


Free to a Good Home )
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So I wrote a really long story called Casanova (Fucked Me Over) which I think of as my main continuity Supernatural story -- my Supernatural 616, as it were.  It covers seasons 5 to the very beginning of 11, and it's my personal favorite of everything I've ever written, because it's just a ridiculous piney wallow and also, to be perfectly honest, 80 thousand words about Castiel's faith in God, because that's the kind of thing I write for fun. 

Anyway, while it stopped at a logical endpoint (The Happy Ending), I always knew I'd want to write more, because these are not dudes who have an overabundance of relationship skills, and also seasons 11 and 12 are my favorites.  So yeah, sequel.  Two seasons of socially maladjusted dudes with no relationship experience trying to figure out how to be a couple, and also there's Lucifer.  Gross, I know, but canon.  I fucking love this universe, I don't know what else to say.


Fresh From the War (Don't Think About It No More) )
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So this is a Supernatural story in the grand tradition of "what if these jerks retired and just worked on being human beings and not unhappy all the time?" stories.  It breaks off from canon in s7 (well, there's some earlier divergence, but s7 is the big split) and there's, I dunno, pie and a garage job and cowboy boots and all the classics, but I think what makes it a little bit its own thing is that Dean's boyfriend is a guy named Emmanuel Allen; I couldn't find any Dean/Emmanuel fic, so I'm stuck writing it.

I feel really bad about Sam being in a coma for most of the story.  I swear it has a plot purpose and I'm not just trying to ignore Sam.  I would NEVER.

I don't feel bad at all about all the Dean/Benny sex.  I regret that I couldn't work more in.


The Nest )
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Okay, you know how I said I had one cute Teen Wolf fic and one depressing one?  Y'all, this story is AWFUL.  I mean, people already think I write misery wallows?  It's insane how dark this story got on me.  It's kind of a Scott/Stiles futurefic, and kind of a Stiles/everyone fic, but the thing about it is, it's really not a love story at all, so I think if people approach it outside that genre -- as a drama about how fucking messy love and sex can be in your 20s, instead of as a romance novel -- it won't be quite as disappointing.

I realize I'm making it sound like something no one on earth should ever read, but... I don't know, I can't be the only one who likes this kind of clusterfuck, right? 


Wonder If Your Therapist Knows )



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