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I like that fandom now that everybody else likes! That NEVER happens to me. Ever since I got the magic box that makes Netflix happen on the big tv, I feel like all I ever watch is Clue and How I Met Your Mother reruns -- because obviously if you give me the power to endlessly stream hundreds of thousands of titles, I'm not going to use it to watch things I HAVEN'T seen before. How am I going to do four things at once if I have to *focus* on a storyline? Use your heads, people!

But yeah, that one fandom! You know, with the dark, soulful, impossibly sexy dude who's a stone-cold killer but also loyal and generous and quietly heroic, who's terribly, terribly damaged by captivity, experimentation, and long-term trauma and turned into a raspy, feral ball of angst and knives who is no longer sure how to interact with other human beings and then has a long road to recovery that involves having to fight his lifelong best friend?

Ronon was Bucky before Bucky was cool


Basically what I'm trying to say is that I approve highly of the love of Captain America that has consumed fandom, but I can't write any good Bucky stories because I already used up all my good Bucky stories.

Whatever, Hth, I hear you say. You can't write any good anything, or else you would have done that sometime in the past year and a half. Okay, but -- guys, it was a REALLY BUSY year. A house was bought. Everyone in the family changed jobs. And...that's pretty much it, but those are very disruptive things! Anyway, the new job is amazing but somewhat more part-time -- I think I can live on it okay -- which is a statement that fills me with the thrill of potential and absolutely not the thrill of constant waves of anxiety attacks! I am not at all lying right now! -- and have a lot more time to write, so that I can finish the damn book sequel, and, uh, maybe some of these endless fannish WIPs that are languishing on my hard drive.

Basically, 2015 is my Year of Being a Writer Again, because I remember being one of those, and liking it. And who knows, maybe even my year of blogging, because I kind of feel like there's this internet just sitting here, and I'm already paying for it. I might as well do something with it.


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