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So I have heard that I won't be getting to see Benedict Cumberbatch doing something creepy as shit for Guillermo del Toro, which makes me achingly sad, because I guess apparently I DO need for him to be in all the movies. ALL THE MOVIES. That and also, Guillermo del Toro, but mostly -- ALL THE MOVIES, BEN! WE DEMANDS IT!

So until I get to see him play a slave(?) and Julian Assange(...) and Alan Turing(!!), I'm forced to survive on Sherlock DVDs and Sherlock streaming on Netflix and wondering how to weigh off my love of this against the fact that I really rather disliked Into Darkness as a movie. Are the parts where Benedict Cumberbatch is supremely creepy and badass and lickable worth paying for the DVD, when the parts where Kirk and Spock defeat the plot by punching harder will inevitably make me bitter and angry every time I watch it? It's a big question in my life right now, and I only have three weeks to resolve it. Or, I guess, literally the rest of my life to resolve it, in all honesty.

It all really leads me to one inescapable conclusion, which is, obviously, ALTERNATE REALITY FANFICTION. Natch. And you may think you know where I'm going with this, but hold on, you totally don't! Because screw Jim Kirk, seriously, he's always been a dickbag, and I have two words for you: JULIAN. BASHIR.

Seriously! Julian Bashir is probably my favorite Star Trek continuity character of all time -- he's gorgeous! he's an awkward doofus! HE IS IN LOVE WITH A LIZARDMAN! And, guys -- he is an Augment. He's part of the *family,* from Khan's perspective. So Khan unfreezes in the 24th Century and allies with the Cardassians to crush the everloving shit out of the Bajoran insurrection, in exchange for taking possession of Terok Nor -- and Julian doesn't so much volunteer for frontier medicine as limps out there, crushed and heartbroken when he's drummed out of Starfleet and seeking asylum from criminal charges -- and of course Garak is there, because he's having a leeetle problem with his exit visa on those pesky tax problems, what other reason could there possibly be? -- and I foresee war and paranoia and love triangles (it's really a timeless question, isn't it: the Best of Tyrants or the Plain, Simple Tailor? Who can't relate?) and just general sexy mayhem.

I want this like AIR, my friends. It would be sort of like the astonishingly brilliant Light in the Mirror series, only with more Benedict Cumberbatch. (Okay, it would only be very vaguely like the astonishingly brilliant Light in the Mirror series, but I'm trying to get you to read the astonishingly brilliant Light in the Mirror series, because you owe it to yourself. Yes, you do! You had a terrific week, and it's time to reward yourself with great writing!/Your week was terrible, and a cathartic wallow is exactly what you need!)

Also, in poking around for a refresher course on the Eugenics Wars, I was bemused to realize that I was in college during them. I feel like secretly Little Earthquakes might have been Khan's favorite album. I'm not saying he went to Lilith Fair or anything, but it just feels like "Crucify" might be the right song to have on repeat while your vast empire begins to buckle and crumble around you, and also it's 1993.

LIKE AIR, I am saying.


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