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Update number 1: After two years of writing basically nothing, and then a year of writing in the most dilettantish way possible, it turns out -- I suck. Everything is harder than it used to be; everything requires five revisions to sound even remotely right. I'm trying to do 1000 words a day now on the novel. They are not good words. But I'm just dealing with it as boot camp or something. It's not even that I want to have a first draft, although I do. I just want to NOT SUCK again, like I did NOT SUCK during the many many years that I wrote constantly.

Update number 2: There will be more updates. Hopefully not all whining. Think how interesting it will all be in retrospect, if I ever publish this monstrosity! And even if it's not interesting, there's whining. And that's fun! For me, I mean.

Why is this so haaaaaaard? Writing was never hard for me. First it was easy, and then it was impossible. So this is the compromise position, I guess.
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Ever been stuck for ages on a particular scene, only to realize that the reason you can't make yourself go back to it is that, deep down, you know nothing is actually going to happen in this scene? D'oh!

Anyway, clearly I have to do Something Else here, but rather than just delete it, I thought, what the hell, DVD extra. Dunno that it'll make much sense, but there were some pretty lines that deserve a decent burial.

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