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More coding and posting took place yesterday. Here's what's new! And by new, in many cases, I mean unbelievably old.

Daughters of Jerusalem -- Firefly. I really like this story, though if I hadn't been under deadline for it, I probably would've made it a lot longer. I don't know if that would be good or bad. I love the concept of River in the Companions' guild house, but I found as I was writing it that I enjoyed writing Inara just as much, in spite of her being my least favorite character on the show.

East O the Sun, West O the Moon -- due South. This was my first genuinely ambitious fanfic project, one where I really wanted to tell a specific story and worried about the best structure for it, etc. It's so freaking old that the Harry Potter reference in it was meant to be obscure information that only a bookish child would have; I was working in a bookstore back then, and HP was all the rage with the bookish children, but hadn't broken big in the general culture yet. Anyway, I have a lot of fondness for these three stories -- which I've archived as three chapters of a single story; EOSWOM was originally the name of the first part, while "Happily Ever After" was my appropriate but not very interesting series title, but I've swapped them around here. I also did some minor editing to make it easier to read, but I left the VAST QUANTITIES of very purple prose. It's fascinating to me to go back and look at what I was like as an inexperienced writer. There are just so many words! It's all wordwordwordword! I wrote shorter back then, actually, but just so incredibly dense with stuff, as if I thought I had to get everything I'd ever thought about, RIGHT THEN AND THERE before some kind of timer went off. Ah, anyway. Post-COTW kidfic. Yeah, I did.

Fourteen Years -- Stargate Atlantis. The earliest of several attempts to deal seriously with Ronon's years as a runner and what the psychological fallout of that would have to be like. For writers who like to write about things like loss and trauma, Ronon is just the gift that keeps on giving -- pre-brutalized for our convenience. I finally buckled and filed this story as M/M, although to me it will always be a gen story about Ronon's struggle to overcome the fallout of his victimization by the Wraith; his relationship with John is a piece of that, but not really the plot of the story. I always felt like billing it as slash creates this weird ghettoization where any story that queers a character immediately becomes a story about queerness, which this isn't. But I realize I'm kind of alone on this issue, hence the buckling.

Headbanger's Ball -- Stargate Atlantis. OT4 fluff, revolving mainly around Teyla. Sweet and porny and fairly short.

Loveslut -- Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I think I originally meant this to kick off a series of Xander/Willow/Cordelia stories. But then Cordelia moved away and canon made an effort to put the Xander/Willow relationship to rest and, I don't know, it started to seem more difficult to write, so I quit. Now I don't even remember what I intended to do with it. It's interesting to go back and look at a pre-gay Willow and how I was teasing queerness out of her rivalry/fixation with Cordelia. I kind of wish now that I'd kept up with this.

Never Have I Asked an August Sky -- Stargate Atlantis. A weepy John/Rodney story that I wrote for the zine Surfacing. Anyone who remembers the Justin/Chris traumafests I used to write under my popslash pseudonym knows that a weepy story where they can't be together is my highest form of compliment. It was really interesting to go over this the same night I did East O the Sun and Loveslut -- it's just such a radically different style, short and focused where I would've once written it in full operatic melodrama mode. It makes me feel like I actually learned things over the years!

Officer Friendly -- due South. I don't write much kinkfic anymore; I guess I still have all my old toppy kinks, but I rarely really find a story in it; some fantasies just don't translate as readily into narratives for me. But back in the day I was still using fanfic as much to explore sex as to write stories, and so I had a brief phase of writing kink. This was the best of the crop, I think. Although I find it funny that during the course of writing it and all the years after, I never realized until last night -- why the hell is Ray knocking on the back door at the start of the story? It's a store; why doesn't he just walk in through the front? Sigh.

Satisfaction -- Stargate Atlantis. This is the only full-on collaboration I've done in my fanfic career, and I wrote it mainly because Caroline doesn't put enough effort into getting her brilliance out there for public consumption. She was coming up with all this great stuff with me over chat, and finally I was just like, fuck it, I can slap some transition scenes around this and it's a story. So it was super easy and fun to write, and it makes me sound deceptively hilarious. We billed it at the time, tongue-in-cheek, as the best story about impotence you'll read this year, and we must have terrified people, because I got a fair amount of feedback from people who avoided it for a while because of a fear that there'd be some kind of humiliation theme. Really, it's not that kind of story at all! It's really about Rodney having to reach deep down and find his sensitive side in order to respond to someone that, for once, he doesn't want to make feel bad. *g* I think Caroline and I also both enjoyed sneaking that theme of what kind of damage Ronon's past has left him with into a purely romantic comedy formula. Also, it's just a terrifically fun challenge to write a sexy story with sex that's imperfect. I recommend it as a writing exercise.

In the next round of posting, I promise to do "In the Hands of Yes," so nobody else has to ask me about it, okay? *g*
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