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Look. Look, Teen Wolf. I like you. I like your ambition, kid! But this flashback/flashforward device, whatever the hell you were doing here, this confused the everliving shit out of me. I'm sorry, maybe there's something wrong with my brain, but I spent 65% of this episode trying to figure out what the hell happened between last episode and this one and it was distracting.


I don't know about this episode. It really feels like they had a slot to fill on the way to “Motel California.” There are things I liked. I liked “There's also death in numbers – it's called a massacre.” I liked Allison's hair, and Lydia's, just, everything, because let's face it, Lydia is everything. I just overall felt like there wasn't a lot of there there. The Victoria hallucinations would've been more compelling if they replayed something that had been set up earlier in the season, but they really didn't – we never even saw Victoria have any active hand in Allison's training at all.


“I'm not telling you this because I don't think you couldn't easily kick my ass,” though, Scott, for real? That's a triple negative. I have no idea what you're saying right now. I don't even know when you exist in space and time! This whole episode is baffling. Should I be drunk for this? Does it all fit together if you watch it drunk?


There's a lot of good stuff on the bus, and in the following car, and the potential for more good stuff on the phone back and forth between. I think if they could've found a way to make the whole episode that – like a real-time 45 minute trip full of scheming and intrigue – that would have been fantastic.


Coach Finstock rocks. Dr. Deaton rocks. Danny rocks. Scott using his alpha voice to put the brakes on Isaac is dead sexy. I don't know, it's kind of a hodgepodge of an episode, and I think the problem is that with all the bouncing around, it's hard to generate or sustain tension or a sense of stakes. Every time you start to get interested in something, the rhythm is broken up by an entirely different thing going on in an entirely different time frame.


Allison's hair is great, though.

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