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Field trip! I never know how to feel about episodes where people go a-traveling to exotic locations; I get that it's fun for writers and can bring in interesting new elements and all that, but I'm a territorial sort of person, and the setting of a show is usually my favorite character. You can't all be gallivanting around Mexico! Who's taking care of Beacon Hills? I just find it sort of unsettling, but I'm willing to admit that might be more my issue than the show's.


I like Sra. Calavera. For a minute I thought maybe I wanted to see more of her, but on reflection I think I like the role she plays on the show, of a hunter whose territory is far enough away from Beacon Hills that she isn't actively trying to kill them, but also doesn't have much need to interact with them. If she were around more, she'd have to start hunting our folks, or else go through the hunter life-evaluation process and decide there are werewolves she's down with, and we've already done all that with Chris. She's not really down with any of these people, but they're not usually bothersome enough that she wants to take major risks to put them down, and that balance requires her to be far away and infrequently intersecting the main plots, exactly as she is.


This season feels a lot to me like a back-to-basics kind of season, where we keep going back to things in seasons 1 and 2 to revisit them from this stronger, older perspective that the characters now have. I really enjoyed watching them operate as a pack, fanning out to put everyone in the position that utilizes their talents; it says good things about Scott as a leader that he doesn't have that weird Captain Kirk insistence on heading up every mission – he trusts Stiles and Lydia and knows they're quick and flexible and inventive and should be doing the negotiating parts, while he stays back where he thinks the thick of the fighting will occur. It's easy and entertaining to compare this to the group actions in “Night School” and “Venomous,” which mainly consist of people trying to harry a large group of their confused peers in whatever direction seems best at the time. They have plans that actually are plans now! They grow up so fast. (Note that I'm not saying it's a great plan, and it goes about as well as “Let's just go into their stronghold and see how we do” was ever likely to go. But they are definitely thinking ahead like 17-year-olds and not like 15-year-olds now, so let's hear it for developing brains!)


The show would really like you to ship Kira and Malia now. After everything it's done for you, isn't that really the least you can give it in return?


Cora and Peter survived, and also Derek and Laura. So it really wasn't very effective, as a form of Hale-elimination. I wonder how many people did die in the fire? And if all of them lived in the house? I kind of miss the house. I'm sure the loft is much nicer to live in, physically and psychologically, but as set design goes, I think the Hale house was more interesting.


Hey, dude, what's with this “the Calaveras, they treat the code like law” business? Are you implying, as opposed to someone else? Because if so, Victoria Argent would probably like to have a word with you. I mean, sure, Kate obviously doesn't give a shit, but in terms of families, she's not representative.


So technically, Kate is a kanima, right? We established in s2 that sometimes a person who would normally turn into a werewolf turns into some other kind of beastie, which is viewed as an abomination stemming from severe psychological problems in the victim. Jackson got bit by Derek and should've been a werewolf, but became something else, until – I don't know, the love of a good woman or something made him feel less abandoned, and now he's a plain werewolf. So Kate got scratched deeply by Peter and should've been a werewolf, but she's something weirder, too, because issues. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's an according-to-Hoyle kanima, right? So I want to know why Kate isn't seeking a master. There are worldbuilding rules, people. This can be a special case, but you have to tell us why.


The front half of this episode was far more interesting than the back, I feel. After the Calaveras exit stage left, really nothing happens except driving through the desert and being concerned about stuff that could hurt someone but doesn't really. It's hard to come up with something to follow your Saw-esque torture sequence that isn't a bit of a dramatic let-down, I guess.



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