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Thank you for giving us your honest point of view on this primary. I appreciate reading different opinions, especially during important election years. Though few of us are by any means experts in political science we are citizens with the right to express our opinions. This election cycle has proven to be one of the most interesting I have participated in, considering that I have been voting since 1976. I would like to suggest to everyone that an open mind is what is most important when it comes to voting...never to take anything at face value. Do your research, don't let anyone make this decision for you. I do not believe in viciously attacking anyone in either party...we are lucky to have the diversity we have, the checks and balances that come with living in our democracy. I used to live for a time in Eastern Europe during the 70's. I saw what it was like in socialist Poland where they had many political parties but only one actual party in control. We do not want that...we might hate the Democrats, hate the Libertarians, or hate the Republicans but we are damn lucky to have the freedom to disagree. This year will be particularly difficult as more and more seem to vehemently oppose anyone with a different point of view. Let's try and be better than they were in 1880's when campaigns were filled with slander and diatribes. Probably too much to ask in this age of internet anonymity. Thank you.
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