Jun. 6th, 2015

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Aw, that's a really cute fake-out there with the werewolf diving down on the fallen girl to pick her up. I have no memory of this sequence, and in fact I lost the thread on a lot of the end of s4. I remember that Meredith is – not? – the Benefactor, or she is, but also Peter has more to do with it than you'd think? Or something? Let's find out!


I really love that the show has given us an Everyman character who really is an Everyman in Liam – someone who bucks protagonist logic by just really, really not wanting to fight monsters, and not in a hilarious comedy-relief Shaggy-and-Scooby way, but who is just scared to die and it's not played for laughs at all. And I love that Scott, who has had reason to grow accustomed to people joining in with his borderline idiotic stunts, is completely understanding about someone who just doesn't think he's up to it. Scott wouldn't be volunteering for this stuff now if he hadn't learned that he could do it after being forced the first few times; I bet he rightly suspects Liam would also grow into the role, but Scott's not going to be the one to force him.


Wait, have Scott and Satomi really not met til right now? She knows everyone else he knows. I guess I'm going to take their word on this, though, because I certainly can't keep track.


Okay, Chris just did a thing where he hit something in the face with his gun without looking at it, and I have a lot of feelings about that. Pants-feelings.


Yeah, so no wonder I couldn't figure out the Peter connection. It's pretty bizarre, even now that I'm totally awake. I mean, I think it's actually a pretty neat idea, that Meredith is acting out the rambling revenge fantasies that Peter doesn't even remember having, but it's still a little opaque, watching Lydia watch Meredith watch Peter's fugue state.


Right, so that whole “bullet between the eyes” bit that Stilinski is trying to pull off – this would be a great time to introduce him to our friend Braeden, who can explain why pointing a gun two inches from someone's face is a great way to lose your gun. I'm sure he feels really badass, but let's be real, the only reason Peter didn't take the gun and then eat his face off is that he doesn't really want to fight his way out of the station and then be a fugitive.


This is getting more incomprehensible by the moment. The dead pool is being disseminated by a bank of antique computers walled up inside Lydia's lakehouse? Has that been running since the room was built, or did it just get switched on this season? And the key is inside a bottle of wine that is...not wine, that is like the one that Lydia opened at the party – or is the same one, but then it would be already open, so... didn't she drink some of the wine, and I... What. The. Fuck. Is happening in this episode? What the actual fuck?


And unfortunately between the impenetrable reveals on the mystery plotline and the overkill on the gunfire in the fight scenes, the climax of the plotline about Scott's fears of turning into a monster gets a little lost in the shuffle. (Nice of those hired killers to check their messages in the middle of a shootout, though, so they could receive the Benefactor's status update.)


There is nothing about the resolution to this that makes the slightest bit of sense. I don't even know what else to add about that. I really thought this time I'd track all the pieces and figure out how they were connected, but nooooope.



s4 ep10: Monstrous )


hth: recent b&w photo of Gillian Anderson (Default)

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