Jun. 7th, 2015

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Allow me one final opportunity to say how much I love Dr. Deaton. I like that he's a gentle, unassuming man of science who is also a fearless samurai druid, and that he's so perfectly composed and self-possessed that he's a tiny bit terrifying – even knowing enough by now to trust him completely, it's hard to shake the slight creep-factor that had us wondering if he was safe in season 1. I totally want to watch the TV Movie Event about his doomed love affair with Talia. I need to know so much more about that!


Although I think it's sweet that Derek's reaction to getting the money back is, “Don't be so hard on yourself, kiddo,” that does make the entire season's harping on money issues and the ongoing drama of the stolen bearer bonds end a little anti-climactically. Like, why was that there at all? I mean, in life things just happen sometimes, but someone obviously wanted that plot arc in this season, enough to bring it up in like five straight episodes before it just wraps up in...nothing, really. It feels a little like my time has been wasted with this now.


I hope when Derek goes away, they get to keep the loft as a permanent pack den/orgy site. Hey, he owns the place! He could leave them the keys! These kids' parents have been extremely cool; they deserve to be spared the discomfort of knowing their prematurely traumatized offspring are having the Healing Sex in their childhood bedrooms.


Aw. Poor Malia looked so disappointed that she can't even have special-occasion deer. If Stiles doesn't find somewhere in northern California that serves venison by their anniversary, I will have lost all respect for his boyfriend-fu.


So now Scott is Actaeon, which can I just say, I said in the very beginning that the operative metaphor for Scott's whole journey is that he's fundamentally a deer who is transformed into a wolf. I think you can excavate layers and layers out of Kate's choice of myth there, and the idea that Scott will end as the prey animal he was from the beginning, taken down by the hunting dogs that he controlled for a time. I really do find it fascinating how many ways s4 has found to retrace and revisit s1 – not just in obvious ways, like Kate and Peter reprising their roles as villains, but in setting up the resonances between Liam's fear and Scott's when he was a new wolf, in playing with the roles of hunter/hunted, following the blossoming of a new relationship for Scott, returning to school not just as a shooting location but as its own site of conflict and obstacles, academically and on the lacrosse field, and many other ways I'm now forgetting, I'm sure.


None of which is to say this is a very good episode, because it's really not. It has no real purpose other than as a bridge between the end of the Benefactor plotline and the end of the Kate plotline, because one thing this season has not replicated like I wish it had was that ability to bring disparate plotlines together in one big grand guignol of conflict and cross-purposes. Other than both of them being sort of connected to Peter (in ways that still aren't totally comprehensible to me), the two major strands of danger our gang faces never really have much intersection at all, let alone impact on each other.


The last scene is pretty fucking unsettling, though. We'll talk more about the purpose of Scott becoming a berserker tomorrow, when I try to make some thematic sense out of a seasons that exists in a non-Euclidian universe where cause and effect mean nothing!




s4 ep11: A Promise to the Dead )


hth: recent b&w photo of Gillian Anderson (Default)

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