Mar. 25th, 2015

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So last week my computer was non compos mentis for a time, and I had to find other ways to amuse myself. Fortunately I keep a running tally of tv shows that it's kind of crazy, actually, that I've never watched, and I figured I'd see if I could check one of those off the list.

I picked Teen Wolf. It's kind of crazy, actually, that I've never watched Teen Wolf. I freely admit that. I had very little previous knowledge of the show, other than a vague understanding that The Kids on Tumblr like it loads, and that it's rather Buffyish (cheesy movie becomes earnest horror-soap opera full of beautiful people and just enough humor that you don't have to be embarrassed for it), and that it's spawned some sort of fannish uberpairing with The Nerdy One and The Hot One, and that it generated some controversy recently when TPTB cracked down on the slashers. I don't know, I read an article somewhere? Because apparently it's 1996 again, and showrunners think that slash fans ruin shows instead of sustaining them, because Supernatural has taught us nothing. But there, now you know everything about Teen Wolf that I knew last week when I started watching it.

Oh, and there are werewolves. That's the reason that it's Kind of Crazy, Actually, That I've Never Watched Teen Wolf, because werewolves are sort of my thing – I mean, they were before Twilight and True Blood reinvented werewolves as “the deadly boring scowly-hot ones that we kind of halfheartedly pretend might get the girl but will absolutely not by any means get the girl.” (With an assist from the Anita Blake books, whose author I guess decided to jack up her werewolves because she divorced the husband her Deadly Boring Scowly-Hot Werewolf was based on, but that was all right, because I needed an exit strategy from that series anyway.) I am OLD-SCHOOL with my werewolf love, guys. A misspent youth playing Werewolf: the Apocalypse will do that for you.

Long story short, I mainlined the everliving fuck out of 60 episodes of Teen Wolf. Seriously, I think I sprained something. I watched them in like four days, I remember pretty clearly? Other parts not so much? And occasionally I would doze off and I'd wake up and someone would be motherfucking dead, and I'd wait for them to come back, and either they would or they would not! It actually got to be a little surreal at times. Sometimes I'd think someone was dead, but then later I'd check the internet, and I guess they were – just away? In Paris or something? Seriously, guys, what did happen to Isaac?

No, don't tell me. I've decided I'm going to watch the whole thing again, and because I think it's kind of amusing that I'm shambling around blind drunk in a fandom that everyone else discovered five years ago, I figured maybe I'd (semi-)liveblog the whole experience. I mean, yes, the conceit is kind of a sham, since I'm recapping on second and not first viewing, but I'm going to attempt to accurately reproduce how I remember reacting last week, supplemented by my fully-conscious thoughts this time around, and I think that counts. Totally counts.

And anyway, I'm hip-deep in massive, endless projects (some of which have a higher werewolf content than others!), and I need to set myself a goal I can plausibly reach in the foreseeable future. So this is it! I am taking 60 days to watch 60 episodes of Teen Wolf, and I will tell a cold, uncaring internet my every thought about it as I go, or else what's an internet for?

The first one will go up later today, as a reward to myself for getting all my errands & whatnot done.

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(Sorry for all of this appearing on one page!  I'm using the Rich Text editor because it preserves my many, many italics, but when I try the "cut" clicky button, it does not seem to want to create the cut that it should cut?  Sometimes the first paragraph is in gray, sometimes none of it is.  None of the previews show cuttage.  I will edit this once I find someone who can explain why what I'm already doing doesn't work!)

s1 ep1: Wolf Moon )


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