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I guess I'm getting old, because scenes of children in jeopardy bother me more than they used to. I know I'm being manipulated by the cuteness, but that doesn't mean it doesn't work.


As a queer lady who very much does not like bugs, I will always remember this episode as “the one they made specifically to fuck with me.” Come on, show! First you have the character with my name abducted and ritually murdered after two scenes, and now this? What the hell did I ever do to you? I ONLY WANT TO LOVE YOU.


Of course you call Stiles first! Stiles is the official Paranormal Desk of the Beacon Hills Sheriff's Department. I hope they get him a nameplate and a 401k. He should at least get college credit for this.


I couldn't actually tell if Isaac's “so, uh, your sister...” was meant to be “I would like to ask you a lot of questions about your family that you clearly do not want to answer and I'm hoping you won't bite me” or “I would like to bang your sister with your kind permission and I'm hoping you won't bite me.” This is an interesting issue for Derek, I would think – on the one hand, I guess the general assumption is always Don't Touch My Sister (I dunno, I don't have brothers, but on tv at least, that's the law), but also Derek is from a werewolf family that's been all but stomped out. Maybe he would want to see Cora start providing Haleslings! Maybe it's just good sense to encourage her to take one of your pack's new betas as a mate. You can't be squeamish when you're trying to re-found a dynasty, and he was sure quick enough to suggest that he'd like to dictate who Erica was allowed to bone. I'd actually love to read the story where Derek goes around trying to hand his sister off to all the fellas he knows, and they're just like, “We don't really know her? And also, it's weird that you're this involved with everyone's sex lives, because you're Derek?”


We haven't had a really good Chris episode in a while! Man, I'm just loving him more and more on this re-watch. I don't really buy that “man is the only hunter who tracks with his eyes” thing, because – owls, right? That's why they have those giant eyes? And anyway, werewolves have human eyesight, don't they? Oh, man, what if they don't? What if they get these great powers of speed and strength like a wolf, but they also get shitty wolf eyesight? That would be awesome.


See, Melissa gets it! Stiles is the expert here. I said this in the comments the other day, but for those who missed it, I thought it deserved to be promoted: I was trying to describe Melissa the other day, and I came up with “kind of squirrely, snarky, but really good-hearted.” And then I realized, holy shit, that also describes Stiles, doesn't it? Scott is totally going to marry his mother.


I guess when you spend all night out in the woods human-sacrificing people, you need to come in to work awfully early to get all your photocopying done, huh? Oh – spoiler alert. But seriously, she looks awfully put-together for having had such an exciting evening.


Aaaaand, cue Derek in a pool of his own blood. Man, if he only knew that's the second-worst thing happening to him tonight. Derek and his shit taste in women, man.


I feel like this is an episode I shouldn't like – it's the kind of episode I normally don't like, made up of mostly business. Running around having fight scenes in the dark, gathering clues for a mystery it'll take ten episodes to solve, reminding everyone of any backstory they may have forgotten. It's the kind of episode that drove me insane in season two, but I'm forgiving of this one, probably because I haven't had to deal with four of them in a row yet. It does its job moving the season's plot along, and I guess some episodes have to do the heavy lifting. Regardless, I did enjoy it. Is it because Chris? Stiles and his newer, more competent hair? Just the magic of season three at work?

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Don't Touch My Sister (I dunno, I don't have brothers, but on tv at least, that's the law)

This is related to the fanfic law of people have to give new boyfriends the shovel talk, right? "If you hurt my kid/sibling/best friend they'll never find your body." I mean, who actually does that?

I <3 JR Bourne so much! (Martouf!) And I love that Chris gets so involved with helping the pack here. Unfortunately I loathe the dialogue, which I completely blame on lazy and/or stupid writing. Derek is a born werewolf of one of the most powerful, respected alphas in California, and Scott and crew have been learning in fits and starts, not least just by living in werewolf bodies for 6+ months. Yet Chris starts laying out Werewolf 101 like a classic mansplainer. Mentally I just replace Chris's dialogue here with more specialty/higher level information, like about how hunters subvert werewolves' natural instincts to trap them.

Date: 2015-04-24 01:34 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] green_grrl
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He is definitely DILFtastic!

Date: 2015-04-23 08:57 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] mific
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I think the detail I like best here is that Peter's finally sporting the goatee of evil!
I like both Peter Hale and Chris Argent - wonder if there's any slash fic pairing those two up? (runs off to check - 705 fics on AO3 OMG, and, oh dear, quite a few with Peter/Chris/Stiles.)


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