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I don't know, man. I like Jennifer.


I'm feeling a little blah today, which might account for my brain not settling into anything really well. Overall I really like this episode, though – the chaos of the storm and the evacuation turns what's mostly a series of fights and strategies into an engaging set-piece. It's reminiscent of the best parts of season one, with Our Heroes having to navigate the opposing and sometimes overlapping interests of two separate sets of antagonists. It has some nice emotional stakes – Cora doesn't work for me, really, since she never did anything, but Stiles' father matters, and yes, I do like Jennifer, dammit, and the death of her connection with Derek is poignant, as is her backstory with Kali – and some lighter bits to keep things fun. It's a good action episode.


“You know, I actually used to be the one with the plan.” I know, Stiles! I've been saying since the first episode that you're the alpha personality!


I just have to register one objection to the Darach-face: how does that happen? I mean, we saw Julia's face. We saw it lacerated by claws. So scarring, sure. But all around the scars – how did it become enlarged, puffy, and fishbelly white? Why does it not have the basic size and shape of Julia's human female face? It doesn't seem like something that would result from any injury I can think of, let alone the injuries we saw. Is it supposed to be infected? Is the fact that she was presumed dead supposed to mean that it necrotized somehow before she regained consciousness? What's with that?


I also call bullshit that Kali would really believe that bleeding to death constituted letting Julia “die peacefully.” Just admit it, Kali, you didn't have the stomach to do it twice.


Eh, I don't usually like these late-season action episodes, but this one works pretty well. They do a good job threading together all the separate theaters of engagement throughout the hospital, and I like that it's built around a series of compromises with Jennifer that lead up to the climax of the episode, a deal with the devil that is Deucalion. Obviously threading the needle with two homicidal maniacs competing against each other was always going to create a situation where Scott had to throw in with one of them, however reluctantly, to defeat the other, and I think they dramatized that nicely, giving it a foreboding feeling.


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